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Jun 2016

June 2016 Monthly Tax Briefing

Changes in taxation of Portfolio Investment Companies, Real Estate Investment Companies, Real Estate Mutual Funds and Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities, Changes in Unified Real Estate Tax, Increase in VAT Rate, Introduction of Tax on Accommodation, Cable TV and Fixed Line Telephony

Increase of the Participation of the Greek State in Revenues from Gaming, Amendment of Customs Code, Debt Write-Offs, Loan Portfolio Management and Acquisition Companies, Increase in the Taxable Value of Vehicles Granted to Employees, Partners or Shareholders, Prohibition for Specified Individuals to Participate in Foreign Companies, Instructions to Legal Persons and Entities for Completing Income Tax Returns in Respect of the 2015 Tax Year.

Click here to read the June 2016 Monthly Tax Briefing.

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