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Nov 2018

October 2018 Monthly Tax Briefing

October’s Monthly Tax Briefing covers Sales Tax on Transfer of Listed Shares – Amendments to the Procedure for Payment and Calculation of Tax, Income Tax and VAT Refunds of Amounts up to €10,000, Amendment of Article 17 of Law 4174/2013 for the Safeguarding of Tax Information and Confidentiality, EU Directive 2016/2258 is Transposed into National Law, Council of State Decision No. 1774/2018 on Capital Registration Tax in Cases of Issuance of Shares Above Par Value, Law 4571/2018 Amendment to Legislation on Source of Funds and Financial Interests Declarations and a Ministerial Decision on Anti-Money Laundering Legislation.

Click here to read the October 2018 Monthly Tax Briefing.