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Jan 2019

January 2019 Monthly Tax Briefing

January’s Monthly Tax Briefing covers Circular E.2009/2019 on the Legal Nature of Solidarity Contributions Within the Framework of Double Tax Treaties, the Directorate of Dispute Resolution’s Decision No. 1736/2018 on the Safeguarding of Unused Certified Tax Records and Circular E.2011/2019 on the Application of EU Regulations 2018/1541 and 2017/2454 Amending EU Regulation 904/2010 on Administrative Cooperation […]

Jan 2019

The International Comparative Legal Guide to Oil & Gas Regulation 2019

Yannis Seiradakis and Eleni Stazilova contribute the Greece Chapter to The International Comparative Guide to Oil & Gas Regulation, published by the Global Legal Group, with Philip Thomson and Julia Derrick of Ashurst LLP as contributing editors. The title covers common issues in oil and gas laws and regulations – including development of oil and natural […]

Jan 2019

Global Guide to Employee Data Privacy

Tania Patsalia contributes the Greece chapter to Mayer Brown International LLP’s Global Guide to Employee Data Privacy. The Guide is designed to help employers navigate the specific, and increasing, challenges of handling employee data in different jurisdictions. Click here to read the Greece chapter.

Jan 2019

December 2018 Monthly Tax Briefing

December’s Monthly Tax Briefing covers the Suspension of Capital Gains Tax on Real Estate Property Disposals, Amendments to the Income Tax and Inheritance and Gift Tax Codes, Source of Funds and Financial Interests Declarations, Financial Leases and Quasi-Administrative Recourse Procedures and the Assessment of Minimum Values of Real Estate and Clarifications on the Tax Treatment of the Issuance of Above Par […]

Jan 2019

December 2018 Tax Alert

December’s Tax Alert covers the Reductions in Corporate Income Tax and Annual Real Estate Tax (ENFIA) introduced by Law 4579/2018 (Government’s Gazette A’ 201/03.12.2018). Click here to read the December Tax Alert.

Dec 2018

November 2018 Monthly Tax Briefing

November’s Monthly Tax Briefing covers the Court of Justice of the European Union’s Decision on the Interpretation of VAT Directive (2006/112/EC) with Regard to VAT Calculation Through Inductive Methods, the Council of State Decision No. 2105/2018 Pertaining to Transfer of Tax Residence, and the Directorate of Dispute Resolution (ΔΕΔ) Decision No. 4466/2018 on Capital Registration Tax in […]

Nov 2018

The Insolvency Review Sixth Edition 2018

Athanasia Tsene contributes the Greece Chapter to The Insolvency Review, published by Law Business Research and edited by Donald S Bernstein of Davis, Polk & Wardwell LLP. The title offers an in-depth review of market conditions and insolvency case developments in key countries around the world and the challenges faced by large multinational enterprises attempting […]

Nov 2018

October 2018 Monthly Tax Briefing

October’s Monthly Tax Briefing covers Sales Tax on Transfer of Listed Shares – Amendments to the Procedure for Payment and Calculation of Tax, Income Tax and VAT Refunds of Amounts up to €10,000, Amendment of Article 17 of Law 4174/2013 for the Safeguarding of Tax Information and Confidentiality, EU Directive 2016/2258 is Transposed into National Law, Council of State […]

Oct 2018

Getting the Deal Through Transfer Pricing 2019

Fotodotis Malamas contributes the Greece Chapter to GTDT Transfer Pricing published by Law Business Research and edited by Jason M Osborn of Mayer Brown LLP. The title covers the latest developments in transfer pricing law across the globe and contains updates on topics including: transfer pricing methods, OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines, permissible cost-sharing arrangements, transfer pricing […]

Oct 2018

September 2018 Monthly Tax Briefing

September’s Monthly Tax Briefing covers the New Draft Bill Before Hellenic Parliament Providing for Extensive Amendments to Source of Funds and Financial Interest Declarations. Click here to read the September 2018 Monthly Tax Briefing.