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Our team have vast experience in advising market leaders on the compliance, management, development and financing of their activities in these sectors and our lawyers have advised on many of the major pioneering energy and resources projects to have taken place in Greece.

an ever-present feature on the domestic energy market ... regularly involved in its largest transactions and projects

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significant track record in the energy market

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the service was good and they were very reactive ... very good knowledge of their domestic market ... very responsive

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one of the most reliable law firms in Athens ... know-how to serve the client

The Legal 500 EMEA 2018

a perfectly tuned team ... they were always ahead of any problems with solutions at the ready

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it felt like the in-house team was bigger, rather than having an external team

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the lawyers are commercially oriented, deal makers, with a solid background and experience

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Our clients include market leaders in the conventional energy and renewables industries, leading oil companies, international financing institutions and lending banks, as well as government bodies, to whom we provide advisory, transactional and litigation services.

We have years of experience drafting transaction documents and advising participants on the commercial, development and financing aspects of projects and domestic and cross-border transactions in the conventional and renewable energy sectors. We also have wide-reaching expertise in risk and compliance in these highly regulated industries.

Conventional Energy

We have been involved in most of the major transactions to have taken place in the conventional energy sector in Greece and our clients include oil and gas, electricity, water and mining companies, the government and State owned companies, private and institutional investors, financial advisers and developers. We have advised on landmark matters such as the privatisation of the Water and Sewerage Companies of Athens and Thessaloniki, the Public Power Corporation (PPC) and the public gas company (DEPA), which opened the way for the privatisation of the Greek energy sector, and on the more recent groundbreaking tenders for the lease of hydrocarbons exploration and production rights. We have a cross-practice expertise in capital markets, financing and corporate deals in the energy industry. Our track record in structuring energy development projects as commercial transactions is substantial and we document a broad range of commercial agreements in this sector.

Energy & Infrastructure

Our practice has acted in pioneering energy projects, advising on the entire life cycle of transactions in this sector. We have an expertise in oil and gas, transport, electricity, water and mining financing, acquisition and development projects and clients include sponsors, lenders and the government.

Energy Regulation

Our practice is highly experienced in advising on compliance with the significant regulatory and legislative requirements governing activities in the energy sector. We monitor developments affecting our clients’ commercial activities and identify regulatory challenges and opportunities proactively. We are skilled in advising on licensing and permits, tariffs, trading, import and export and production in the gas and electricity fields. We have also been extensively involved in the liberalisation of the electricity and gas markets and the implementation of community legislation.

Renewable Energy

We are at the forefront of the renewables market in Greece, with a dynamic practice in advising on the tendering, developing and financing of wind, solar, hydroelectric, biofuel, biomass and geothermal projects, which is growing with the market.

Environmental Law

We take a pro-active approach to compliance in the environmental law sector which is increasingly affecting the way the majority of companies work. We endeavour to ensure that our clients are in a position to meet the complex and exacting requirements of the regulators. Our practice is well placed to advise on the environmental risks and liabilities arising in the context of mergers, acquisitions, projects and privatisations. We conduct environmental impact assessments, undertake project categorisation and advise on the process for obtaining permits and licences. If disaster strikes, we represent our clients in litigation arising from environmental contamination and compliance failures.

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Alexandroupolis LNG Project

We are advising Gastrade, the project company, in developing the Alexandroupolis Independent Natural Gas System (INGS) project, a cutting edge technology project which comprises an offshore floating unit for the reception, storage and re-gasification of LNG and a system of a subsea and an onshore gas transmission pipeline through which the natural gas is shipped into the Greek National Natural Gas System (NNGS) and onwards to the final consumers. Alexandroupolis INGS will secure new natural gas quantities, enhancing the security of supply in Greece and the Balkans.

Gas Interconnector Greece – Bulgaria (IGB Pipeline)

We are advising the joint venture company ICGB AD on the development of the Gas Interconnector Greece-Bulgaria (IGB Pipeline), which will provide a direct link between the national natural gas systems of Greece and Bulgaria with an entry point in the vicinity of Komotini and an exit point in the vicinity of Stara Zagora. The IGB Pipeline will act as a strategic gas transportation infrastructure providing diversification of gas supply to the Bulgarian and South East Europe gas market and supply security to Greece.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) Project

We advised a consortium of international financing institutions including the European Investment Bank (EIB) and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on the project financing of TAP’s development of a c.871km gas pipeline connecting to the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline from the Greek Turkish border and running through Greece and Albania to Italy, connecting with the Italian natural gas distribution system near San Foca, under the sponsorship of AzTap GmbH, Snam Spa, BP Gas Marketing, Fluxys Europe, Enagas Internacional, SLU and Axpo Trading.

2MW Hydropower Plant

We are acting for the sponsors in connection with the development of a 2MW hydropower plant in river Strymon in Northern Greece.

Advice to RWE Supply and Trading

We are advising RWE Supply and Trading in relation to regulatory matters pertaining to the licensing of their power and gas trade activities in Greece.

China Three Gorges Acquisition of EDP Energias de Portugal

We acted for China Three Gorges, a Chinese State owned power company, in the acquisition of EDP Energias de Portugal, which operates, through EDP Renovaveis, a number of wind parks in Livadi and Aerorachi.

Steam Electric Unit in Ptolemaida, Greece

We advised Mitsubishi Hitachi Power with respect to their involvement in a project run by the Public Power Corporation (PPC) for the design, supply, installation and putting into operation of a steam electric unit in Ptolemaida.

Development of PV Park and Acquisition of Project Companies

We are acting for the sponsors in connection with the development of PV parks in Northern Greece and the contemplated acquisition of a number of project companies operating PV parks in various areas of Greece.

Participation in Alimos Marina Tender

We advised a bidder in its participation in the tender process conducted by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) for the award of a concession contract in relation to the privatisation of Alimos Marina.

Tender for Acquisition of 66% in DESFA

We advised a consortium of S.N.T.G.N. Transgaz SA, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Reganosa Asset Investments, SL and Regasificadora del Noroeste SA in the tender for the acquisition of a 66% stake in Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) involving the sale of 31% in DESFA held by HRADF and the 35% held by Hellenic Petroleum, with the remaining 34% being transferred to the Hellenic Republic.

International Licensing Round for the Exploration and Exploitation of Hydrocarbons – Offshore Greece

We have been advising Hellenic Petroleum in relation to its participation in a number of international tenders launched by the Hellenic Hydrocarbon Resources Management Company for the lease of hydrocarbons exploration and production rights in certain areas of Greece.

€70m PPP for Integrated Waste Management Projects for the Ilia Region

We have been acting for the National Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank and JESSICA as lenders to the winning consortium of the c€70m project for the design, finance, installation, operation and maintenance of integrated waste management systems for the Ilia region through a public private partnership.

Open Door Tenders for the Lease of Hydrocarbons Exploration and Production Rights

We advised the Hellenic Republic (Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change) in their open door tenders for the lease of hydrocarbons exploration and production rights in Ioannina, West Patraikos Gulf and Katakolo, all in Western Greece.

€70m PPP for Integrated Waste Management Projects for Serres

We advised a consortium comprised of Archirodon Group NV, Intrakat Constructions SA and Envitec SA on the developing and financing of a c€70m project for the design, finance, installation, operation and maintenance of integrated waste management systems for Serres through public private partnerships.

Tender for the Acquisition of ADMIE

We advised a consortium comprised of Elia, Belgium’s electricity transmission operator, and IFM Investors, in their participation in the tender procedure conducted by the Public Power Corporation (PPC) for the acquisition of 66% of the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO/ADMIE).

Hellenic Petroleum Sale of Stake in DEPA and DESFA

We advised Hellenic Petroleum in the sale of its stake in the Public Gas Corporation (DEPA) and Natural Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA), along with the stake held by the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) as part of the privatization of DEPA Group.

Steam Electric Station (SES)

We advised Babcock Borsig Steinmüller, a subsidiary of Bilfinger, in concluding the main sub-contract agreement with METKA, which has been awarded the retrofit of the boilers of certain units in the lignite-fired Steam Electric Station of Aghios Dimitrios situated in Northern Greece, owned and operated by the Public Power Corporation (PPC).

Wind Farms & PV Power Parks Projects

We acted for Bpifrance Investissement in connection with the due diligence review pertaining to the purchase of a minority stake of EREN Renewable Energy which owns renewable assets in Greece and other countries.

Korinthos Power Development

We advised Korinthos Power, a joint venture of the Mytilineos Group and Motor Oil Hellas, in its financing of the development of a 437MW thermal power station in Corinth.

c€105m Loan Refinancing for 444 MW CCGT Power Plant

We act for Protergia in the refinancing by its parent company, the Mytilineos Group, of the 444 MW CCGT power plant operated by Protergia in Viotia.

Peloponnese Waste Management Systems

We represented a consortium comprised of Archirodon Group, Intrakat Constructions and Envitec in its participation in public tenders for the proposed project for the design, financing, installation, operation and maintenance of integrated waste management systems for the Peloponnese through a public private partnership.

Refinancing of Renewable Energy Projects

We acted for the lenders in the restructuring of the financing of Anemos Makedonias and Aeolos Fthiotidas (subsidiaries of REnInvest) for the development of two renewable energy projects.

Advice to NBG on Fuel Hydrant System Financing

We advised National Bank of Greece on the financing of the Fuel Hydrant System at Larnaka International Airport.

€55.4m Financing of Renewable Energy Projects

We advised the lenders in the €55.4m financing of EEN Viotia, a subsidiary of PPC Renewables – EDF EN Greece, for three renewable energy project developments.

Solar Energy and Wind Park Development Financing

We advised the lenders in the financing of Hypato Energeiaki for a 3MW solar energy project development in Thebes, of Heliosar for two solar energy project developments in the Peloponnese and of Aioliki Energiaki Trizinias for a c.€11m wind park development in the Peloponnese.

RWE Proposed Acquisition of Energy Developer

We acted for RWE in their proposed acquisition of a local developer of conventional and renewable energy projects.

Verbund Proposed Acquisition of Renewable Energy Developer

We acted for Verbund in their proposed acquisition of a local developer of renewable energy projects.

Energimidt Proposed Acquisition of Photovoltaic Project Developer

We advised EnergiMidt in its proposed acquisition of a local developer of photovoltaic projects, involving a complex appraisal, analysis and structuring of the projects as a commercial transaction for financing purposes.

  • regulatory, commercial and financing aspects of transactions
  • acquisition and development of conventional and renewable energy projects
  • project structuring
  • adopting and implementing project financing schemes
  • project agreement terms
  • sub-contracts for energy project developments
  • energy project financing and security
  • electricity production licensing from conventional and renewable sources
  • hydrocarbon prospection, exploration and production
  • legislation directly and indirectly applicable to oil and gas sector
  • investments in gas and downstream gas sectors including natural gas pipelines and supply to end users
  • generation licences including own fund requirements, capacity to finance projects and technical requirements
  • due diligence of permits and licences for all types of energy projects at various stages of development
  • generators and suppliers participation in the System Trading Arrangement for electricity sale and purchase
  • priority dispatch rules and regulated tariffs for electricity generated from renewable energy sources
  • electricity trading on wholesale market, import and export and electricity supply licences
  • liberalisation of electricity and gas sectors and implementation of community legislation
  • environmental risks and liabilities in context of mergers, acquisitions and privatisations
  • due diligence on environmental permits and licences, environmental impact assessments and the categorisation of projects according to their effects on the environment
  • environmental contamination litigation

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