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Our practice assists clients in the protection and utilization of their brands, products and designs.

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We have extensive expertise in advising our clients on data privacy and the management of information.

Intellectual Property

We advise on the creation and registration of all types of intellectual and industrial property assets, including patents, trademarks, designs and copyright. We have experience in the ownership and licensing structures available to optimise the protection, enforceability, tax efficiency, including transfer pricing considerations, and exploitation of intellectual property assets. Our lawyers provide advice on compliance with the regulatory and legislative framework governing intellectual property on both an EU and National level.

We regularly act in relation to the sale, purchase and transfer of intellectual property asset portfolios and in corporate and finance transactions where brands and intellectual property assets affect the pricing and scope of the deal or form part of the security. We are often called upon to conduct due diligence reviews of intellectual property portfolios within the context of both commercial and corporate deals. Our team is experienced in drafting all types of contracts in this sector, including licensing, distribution, franchising and sponsorship agreements.

Our clients are active in a broad range of industries where brand protection is a priority, including pharmaceuticals, health, telecoms, media, financial services, information technology, food & beverages and automotive. We are ideally placed to assist in the assessment and management of the risks associated with potential breaches of intellectual property rights and the protection of brands, and we have extensive experience representing clients in litigation and ADR cases and before the National Registry.

Data Protection & Privacy

We advise on all aspects of the processing and transfer of personal data. Clients rely on us for support on compliance with the legislation and regulations in place governing the administration of customer, client and employee information and management of the associated reputational and financial risks. We have experience in providing sector specific services for areas of processing such as human resources, whistleblowing, marketing and the use of cookies, public relations, closed circuit television (CCTV), call recording, market research and banking and health.

Where potential infringements do occur, we represent clients in the context of investigations and administrative or legal proceedings. Our team also runs tailored in-house data protection and privacy workshops and assists clients with their EU General Data Protection Regulation compliance exercise.

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Data Privacy Requirements in Automobile Industry

We advise an importer and distributor of leading car and motorcycle brands on compliance with emerging data privacy requirements under the GDPR.

Data Protection in the Electronics Sector

We are advising the Greek subsidiary of a market leader in electric and electronic devices on data protection issues.

GDPR Compliance in Cosmetics Industry

We advise a leading Greek cosmetics company in relation to its GDPR compliance projects, including privacy and cookies policies, consent forms and data processing agreements.

Intellectual Property Rights

We advised a film and television production company on intellectual property law questions arising from a filming crew employment agreement and the inherent economic and moral intellectual property rights, as well as the assignment of these rights to the company.

CCTV Privacy Related Issues

We advise a sportswear manufacturer on existing and emerging data privacy requirements arising under local legislation and the GDPR as regards the installation and operation of CCTV at their premises and retail stores.

Access Platforms and Licensing Structures

We advised a Swiss company that has acquired the shares of a local company active in the industry of ticket – issuing software development and the development of access platforms, on platform access and use, local and international intellectual property holdings and licensing structures, as well as associated tax planning.

GDPR Compliance

We advise the local subsidiary of a pharmaceuticals company with all its GDPR compliance steps, including data mapping, records of data processing activities, data privacy impact assessments, data processing agreements and data subjects reply forms.

EU Patent Protection

We act for F. Hoffman-La Roche AG, a Swiss multinational healthcare company, in relation to patent enforcement actions against a biosimilar company.

Processing of Patient Information

We are advising the local subsidiary of a US based multinational biopharmaceutical company on the processing of patients’ health-related information and compliance with data privacy regulations. We also advise on intellectual property rights arising from outsourcing agreements relating to medical research.

GDPR and Data Protection Advice

We continue to advise the subsidiary of an electric and electronic devices market leader on data protection issues and GDPR compliance, including advising on the transfer of personal data outside the EEA and data transfer agreements, employee monitoring, data protection policies and privacy statements, and the transfer of customer data as part of the planned sale of a business divisions to a US-based multinational information technology company.

Advice on Data Initiatives

We are advising an event-based platform on data initiatives and activities for sporting competitions and intellectual property issues arising from consent and license agreements for works created on the basis of player/ audience member data.

Notification Requirements

We advised a global pharmaceutical company in relation to notification requirements for the implementation of a global HR management system and the workday in Greece.

Trademark Protection

We are advising a local manufacturer of confectionary on the protection of trademarks and industrial designs and representing them before the competent authorities and in litigation proceedings.

Compliance Investigation

We advised an industrial company on data protection issues in the context of an investigation.

Data Breach in Insurance Industry

We advised a global health insurance provider in relation to a data breach claim incident.

Data Sharing and Transfer Advice

We are advising a major chemical company on employee data sharing and transfer of data to the US in the context of an international merger.

Data Processing Advice

We are advising a leading watch manufacturer on data protection matters, including in relation to the processing of customer data for marketing purposes and intra group data transfers.

Data Privacy Advice in Health Industry

We have advised a US health society in relation to data protection issues arising in the context of the provision of its certification services and the implementation of its accreditation program in Greece.

Data Protection Advice in Car Industry

We advise a leading European car manufacturing group on data protection issues, including assisting them with GDPR compliance, reviewing and updating consent forms and their privacy policy, advising them on data retention and employee-related matters, drafting data processing agreements and advising on privacy matters related to connected car services offered to customers.

Data Protection Training and Advice to Multinational Mass Media Corporation

We have provided training to the international multi-media business of a multinational mass media corporation on the application of the local data protection and privacy principles in the context of mobile apps and websites, covering topics such as privacy policies, obtaining consent, data analysis, cookies, the right to be forgotten, privacy by design and the rules applicable to dealing with children online.

Intellectual Property Related Litigation

We advised a world leading music company in relation to litigation concerning intellectual property rights of artists in Greece.

Restructuring of Information Technology Producer

We have advised a leading international information technology producer on the data protection issues arising in the context of a major restructuring.

Industrial Designs Filings

We acted on behalf of an individual in the filing of three industrial designs.

Cloud Computing Advice

We advised a global market leader in metering solutions with respect to the external supply of cloud computing services and the resulting contractual arrangements.

Data Protection Advice in Airline Industry

We have advised an airline company in relation to data privacy registration requirements applicable to the provision of its services in Greece.

Compliance Report and Market Entry Survey

We advised an international information and communications provider in drafting a report and market entry survey of compliance of their local business activities with Greek law, including in the area of telecommunications and data privacy.

Access to Personal Data

We advised an international pharmaceuticals company on the rights of former employees to access their personal data to support their claims against them.

Internal Investigation for Pharmaceutical Company

We advised an international pharmaceutical company on employee-related privacy issues and the monitoring of e-mails in the context of an internal investigation of its local subsidiary.

Advice on Transfer of Personal Data

We advised an international health information technology provider in relation to issues and solutions arising from the transfer of personal data outside the EEA within the context of public procurement procedures.

Trademark Approval

We advised a credit company on the approval of a trademark which involved submitting comments to the objections of the trademark Authority.

E-Mail and Internet Acceptable Use Policies and Privacy Notifications

We advised a luxury apparel and accessories manufacturer on its employee and asset data protection policies, e-mail and internet acceptable use policies and prepared and submitted human resources, whistleblowing hotline and closed circuit television notifications to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

Data Privacy Issues Relating to Human Resources and Email Systems

We advised an international package delivery company on their global web-based human resources and email systems and the implementation of an auditing/accounting malpractice helpline.

Provision of External Online Services

We advised an international pharmaceutical company on data protection issues arising from the provision of external online services.

Trademark Approval

We advised an international insurance group on the approval of its trademarks.

Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance Notifications

We are advising a global pharmaceutical company on clinical trials and pharmacovigilance notifications, obtaining licences and undertaking in-house data privacy compliance training.

Access to Personal Data Claims

We acted on behalf of a banking institution on the rights of former employees to access their personal data to support their claims against them.

Intellectual Property

  • application and effect of national and EU legislation on intellectual and industrial property and licences
  • national and EU regulations governing trademarks and patents
  • applications for patent, design and trademark registration
  • protection of rights arising from licenses and their transfer
  • intellectual and industrial property license agreements
  • brand protection
  • opposition to new brands through dispute resolution
  • infringement of patent, design, trademark rights, copyright and passing off disputes, damages and unfair competition claims

Data Protection & Privacy

  • EU and national laws and regulations governing data protection
  • compliance with GDPR requirements
  • obligations of data controllers and processors, including adequate consent procedures and data subject access requests
  • representing clients before the Hellenic Data Protection Authority and courts
  • personal data transfers to third countries, including legitimising cross-border data transfers through the use of EU standard contractual clauses, approval of binding corporate rules and compliance with EU-US Privacy Shield
  • designing, drafting, reviewing and updating privacy and internal HR policies
  • data security breaches, including security incident management
  • sanctions for failure to comply with EU and Greek legislation on personal data protection
  • privacy and information law applicable to internal investigations, including employee telephone, internet and email use
  • participation in multi-jurisdictional surveys involving advice on interface of data protection laws with other legislation, including privacy of electronic communications