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Our practice has a strong track record in major administrative, civil and commercial and corporate crime disputes.

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Benchmark Litigation 2020

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The Legal 500 EMEA 2019

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Chambers Europe 2019

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Chambers Europe 2018

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The Legal 500 EMEA 2018

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Benchmark Litigation 2019

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Chambers Europe 2018

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Chambers Europe 2017

We offer a highly specialised level of representation before the courts in Greece and Europe, industrial tribunals, the ICC and in arbitrations and mediations. Our team’s success rate in litigation is over 90%.

We approach disputes constructively, averting litigation where this is feasible and getting the best possible results where it is unavoidable. In either case, we focus on time and cost management to ensure minimal disruption to the ordinary course of our clients’ business. We place emphasis on pre-litigation risk management and case viability, recognising the need for communication with our clients on strategy, the issues at stake and developments to allow for informed decisions throughout the process.

Our practice offers a significant breadth of expertise across all types of commercial, administrative and white collar crime disputes. We enjoy long-standing relationships with clients from a wide range of industries who regularly instruct us on disputes arising in the course of their everyday business. Industry specialisations include medical, pharmaceutical, food and beverages, retail, electronics, car manufacturing, infrastructure, energy, insurance and securities.

Administrative & Compliance Disputes

Our practice has a significant expertise in this area, advising clients in disputes relating to regulatory and legislative compliance and interpretation. We represent clients in the challenge of acts and decisions of central and local government and public bodies and in fiscal, corporate governance, licensing and financial investigations by the regulatory and tax authorities. We advise on petitions for the annulment of penalties and fines and on disputes arising from public procurement processes and the award of public tenders.

Banking & Finance Disputes

We act on behalf of banks and financial institutions in respect of disputes arising in the retail and investment banking sectors and relating to products, transactions, investments, securities, insurance, fraud, debt recovery and regulatory investigations.

Corporate & Commercial Disputes

We have a vast amount of experience and a unique track record litigating corporate and commercial disputes arising from the performance and termination of commercial agreements and corporate relationships. These range from breach of contract to claims relating to company and asset acquisitions and disposals, mergers, joint ventures, agency and distribution agreements and real estate development and infrastructure projects. We act for clients on corporate governance and accountability litigation including actions relating to shareholder and directors’ duties and liabilities, as well as employment disputes.

Corporate Crime & Fraud

Our team represents companies and credit institutions in investigations and criminal and civil proceedings, and assesses potential liabilities of executives and employees for fraud, corruption, bribery and negligence. A significant part of our practice involves risk assessment and management. We also handle claims relating to breach of fiduciary duty and have unparalleled experience in setting out the defence options available to deal with the enforcement of sanctions imposed by government or regulatory authorities.

Fraud Investigations

We also have substantial experience in investigations of fraudulent and alleged or suspected fraudulent acts. We have repeatedly been instructed to conduct such investigations, independently or as part of a multi-disciplinary task-force, and present our findings, risk assessment and recommendations, usually in the form of a detailed report. Our client base includes some of the biggest names in the pharmaceuticals, electronics, defence, automobile, clothes and apparel industries. Our team includes a Certified Fraud Examiner and reports regularly on any change in the legal landscape in Greece pertaining to anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and practices.

Restructuring & Insolvency Disputes

We advise on a wide range of contentious issues arising from restructurings, bankruptcies and insolvencies. We represent shareholders, directors and officers of companies in the process of being restructured as well as creditors, advising on enforcement of security, asset tracing, retention of title and employment issues.

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Fraud Investigation, Data Protection Dispute and other Litigation

We act for AMPNI, a leading international marine fuel logistics company, in a complex dispute involving, inter alia, an investigation into the misappropriation of company assets, day to day assistance with its Greek operations, the termination of several lease agreements of its subsidiaries and their relocation, defending against allegations of data protection violations brought before the Greek Data Protection Authority (one of the  first cases to be heard under the GDPR) and initiating proceedings for the repossession of certain assets of one of its subsidiaries.

Diesel Emissions Case

We represent Kosmocar, a leading importer and distributor of Volkswagen, Skoda and AUDI vehicles, in relation to civil actions filed against them by consumers allegedly affected by software, the purpose of which was to optimize NOx emissions in certain vehicle models. We have to date been successful in the rejection of four out of four lawsuits filed against our client, and continue to represent them in other pending or new lawsuits filed by other plaintiffs. The decisions of the Greek Courts will create case law that will be followed in this and possibly in other jurisdictions, where similar lawsuits may have been filed.

Agency Disputes

We are advising a company under liquidation in disputes involving business conducted by a special agent, the recovery of monies from a former agent and sub-agents and of data and information from a former agent and various other disputes in Greece, with a value of receivables exceeding €12m and insurance claims exceeding €30m.

EU Patent Protection

We act for F. Hoffman-La Roche AG, a Swiss multinational healthcare company, in relation to patent enforcement actions against a biosimilar company.

Interim Measures

We represented a private airline company in proceedings relating to interim measures filed by the owner of the aircraft for the arrest of an aircraft leased to our client to achieve interim release in Greece.

Alleged Unfair Competition Dispute

We successfully represented a joint venture in the defence of interim measures sought by a former business partner relating to acts of alleged unfair competition and act for one of the companies in the joint venture in appeal proceedings against a travel agency in relation to the latter’s claim for alleged violation of the Greek fair competition provisions.

Bribery and Corruption Dispute

We advised a leading international group on the drafting, negotiation and execution of a settlement agreement with the Greek State pertaining to a dispute involving acts of alleged bribery and corruption of the former management of its Greek subsidiary, and continue to advise on the implementation of the provisions of the settlement agreement.

Bribery Investigation

We advised an industrial group in relation to an investigation on alleged violations of anti-bribery laws, self-reporting requirements and potential self-correction of taxes, following an internal audit.

Tender Dispute

We advised a leading petroleum company in a petition for annulment filed before the Council of State by a participant in a public tender for the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons in a Greek block.

Tender Award Dispute

We represented a consortium comprised of Archirodon Group NV, Intrakat Constructions SA and Envitec SA before the Court of Audits in the examination of the legality of the tendering procedures for the project for the design, finance, installation, operation and maintenance of integrated waste management systems for Serres through public private partnerships resulting in the award of the tender to the consortium.

Exclusivity Clause Dispute

We represent Wind Telecommunications in disputes to enforce their rights under an exclusivity clause in a contract with the State granting exclusive mobile telephony rights for 8 years and contributions by the State to Wind’s investments in its network.

Damages Claim for Termination of Distributorship Agreement

We successfully represented Techtronic Industries in proceedings for the rejection of the lawsuit filed against it by a Greek former business partner which is seeking payment of compensation in respect of goodwill indemnity, the value of all remaining stock and moral damages arising out of the allegedly groundless termination by our client of a pre-existing tacit distributorship agreement.

Product Liability Dispute

We are advising a global technology leader in connection to a product liability claim brought against it by a Greek consumer.

Violation of Consumer Legislation

We represented the subsidiary of a global leader in telecommunications and information technology in criminal litigation arising from proceedings against the former legal representatives of the company for alleged violation of the Greek consumer legislation.

Termination of Agency Agreements

We advised and successfully represented a gaming company in several disputes arising from the termination of its agency agreements in the context of the reorganization of its network.

Damages and Tort Actions

We are representing a leading international banking institution in alleged moral and actual damages and defamation actions and a tort action lodged by a listed company. We have been successful at first instance in both and the first case is currently under appeal.

Public Supply Contract Dispute

We are representing the subsidiary of a major foreign State–owned company in administrative proceedings and litigation before the civil and administrative courts against the Greek State in the context of sanctions imposed during the execution of a public supply contract.

Labour Disputes

We are representing a leading Greek natural cosmetics company with a growing international presence on an ongoing basis in relation to their labour disputes.

Investments Litigation and Personal Data Actions

We successfully represented an international bank in proceedings initiated by clients in connection with various investments in their portfolios and a claim by a former employee for €0.5m damages for unlawful use of personal data, which has been rejected and is subject to appeal. The total value of the claims is c€17.5m.

€17.5m Bond Loan Dispute

We represented a German bank on the termination of a bond loan and enforcement of its claim against the debtor’s property, possibly through mandatory sale at auction.

€275m Loan Disputes

We advised a major Greek bank and its UK subsidiary in the termination of a facility agreement relating to a loan of €250m to a Greek company and c. €25m to a related Cypriot company, and the enforcement of their claims on the debtor’s property by asset liquidation. Recovery and enforcement will affect the financials of the bank due to the amounts involved and the difficult position of the Greek banks in the current financial climate.

Car Manufacturer Labour Disputes

We represent the Greek subsidiary of a luxury car manufacturer in their labour related disputes on an ongoing basis.

Insurance Litigation

We represent CNP Zois SA, a member of the CNP Cyprus Insurance Holdings Ltd Group, as their legal advisors in insurance related matters and their lawyers in litigations involving insurance related disputes on insurance products sold in the Greek market on an ongoing basis.

Article 99 Pre-Bankruptcy Procedures

Bernitsas Law advised a leading German bank in the partial recovery of its claim from a Greek listed company applying for protection under Article 99 of the Greek Bankruptcy Code.

€70m Enforcement of Arbitral Awards

We are representing a consortium of construction companies in the enforcement of several arbitral awards issued against the Greek State to recover amounts of paramount importance to the claimant.

Dealership Litigation

We have been successfully representing a major importer and distributor of cars in their litigation with former dealerships arising from claims for improper termination of agreements.

€1.9m Defamation Claim

We have successfully advised several high profile individuals in defamation suits against various newspapers and websites.

€9.7m Damages Claim

We are acting for an international electronics manufacturer in connection with the c. €10.5m dispute arising from the termination of their distribution agreement with its former Greek air conditioners distributor and their potential exposure. This includes defending the client against a €9.7m claim for damages brought by its former distributor following the termination and advising on their claim for unpaid invoices. We have also provided advice on Greek law matters to the client’s in-house and external UK counsels in connection with parallel proceedings in the UK.

Finance Institution Labour Disputes

We represent an Austrian finance institution in their labour related disputes on an ongoing basis.

Hellenic Armed Forces Supply Dispute

We represented a supplier active in the defence industry in litigation before the Court of Audit relating to the non-approval of payments for material and services provided to the Hellenic Armed Forces.

HRADF Tenders Disputes

We advised the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) in proceedings before the Council of State and the Court of Audits on numerous petitions for annulment and reversal in the context of the privatisations launched by HRADF. This involves innovative issues relating to privatisation procedures.

International Bank Management Dispute

We represent the Greek branch of an international bank in their high value dispute with a former manager.

Damages Claims for Termination of Dealerships

We are advising the subsidiary of a leading German car manufacturer in several damages claims brought against it by some of its dealers for the allegedly improper termination of their dealerships and the payment of compensation for various types of alleged damages, including lost profits, goodwill indemnity, investments, operating expenses and moral damages. We have so far been 100% successful in all proceedings brought against our client and the case has set a precedent relating to the goodwill indemnity in dealership agreements.

Renault €25m Damages Claim

We have successfully represented Renault in numerous court proceedings with its former Greek distributor and other members of the former distribution network, including the rejection of a €0.5bn damages claim by its former Greek distributor and the filing and acceptance of a €25m claim against the latter and its guarantor, and so far have achieved the most favourable result for our client in all cases. Due to Renault’s involvement, the market share of its opponent, as well as the amounts at stake, this is a landmark case.

Distributorship Dispute

We successfully represented a European car manufacturer in proceedings brought against it by its former Greek distributor for the payment of damages allegedly arising out of the termination of the distributorship before the First Instance Court, the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court, which ended with the rejection of all claims against it.

€30m Breach of Trust and Unfair Competition Dispute

We successfully represented the subsidiary of a major multinational German athletic and casual footwear manufacturer in their breach of trust and fiduciary duty and unfair competition dispute, involving civil, commercial and criminal actions with a total value of over €30m. This dispute has significant consequences for the industry as it creates a precedent.

€25m Breach of Trust and Mismanagement Dispute

We acted on behalf of the subsidiary of a leading denim jeans, clothing and accessories manufacturer in the filing of several claims, including a pending €25m breach of trust and fiduciary duty, unfair competition, unpaid invoices and mismanagement claim against the subsidiary’s former management and legal entities controlled by the latter.

Claw Back Disputes

We advised a Greek and international pharmaceutical company in their appeals before the Council of State of decisions requiring them to pay claw backs to the Hellenic Organisation for the Provision of Healthcare Services.

Hellenic Petroleum Council of State Litigation

We represented Hellenic Petroleum SA in litigation before the Council of State relating to a decision of the State Privatisations Inter-Ministerial Committee for the transfer of State shares to HRADF.

Ministry of Defence Penalty Dispute

We defended a leading international group in relation to the imposition of a penalty by the Ministry of Defence in the context of the execution of an offsets contract.

Public Asset Development in Corfu Dispute

We advised the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) on annulment and interim measures petitions submitted by public authorities relating to a public asset development in Corfu.

€59m Belgian Food Retailer Shareholder Dispute

We are representing a leading multinational Belgian food retailer in their €59m dispute against former shareholders.

Investments Disputes

We advised a major banking group in proceedings initiated against it by its clients in connection with investments and were involved in the drafting and execution of a settlement agreement.

€3m Metal Products Manufacturer Shareholder Dispute

We are representing the subsidiary of a major French metal products manufacturer in their €3m dispute against former shareholders.

€14m Public Tender Litigation before Council of State

We represented a manufacturer of electronic systems for use by the defence industry in a petition for suspension and annulment before the Council of State in relation to a Greek tendering procedure governed by NATO provisions and procedures for the supply and installation of material of a value of €14m for the Hellenic Armed Forces.

Clothing Manufacturer Labour Disputes

We are advising the subsidiary of a leading casual clothing manufacturer in its labour law disputes.

Olympia Odos Arbitration

We are representing Olympia Odos, a joint venture of Greek and international construction companies, including Vinci SA and Hochtief PPP Solutions GmbΗ, in its capacity as the concessionaire of the €2.4bn (construction cost) concession project for the Elefsina – Korinthos – Patra stretch of the PATHE Motorway, in a series of disputes with the State before Technical Panels and Arbitration Tribunals and in various claims brought by third parties before the Civil Courts.

€3.3m Debt Recovery

We have advised a leading Korean manufacturer in the resolution of its dispute with its Greek customer and debtor and the recovery of the latter’s €3.3m debt.

European Payment Order

We represented a Spanish company in its successful defence against a European payment order and its annulment.

Asset Tracing & Freezing of Debtor’s Assets

We assisted a Gibraltar company in the tracing of assets and subsequent successful filing of a freezing order of its debtor’s local assets and in the main proceedings against the debtor in Gibraltar. We successfully defended the freezing order against the debtor’s application for review which was rejected. We continue to advise in relation to the main proceedings in Gibraltar and on matters of enforcement in Greece.

Claim Arising from Termination of Distribution Agreement

We advised a Danish company in its defence against a claim lodged by its former distributor for the payment of damages allegedly arising from the termination of the distributorship.

SCA Group Employment Disputes

We advised a member of the SCA Group before the employment authorities in relation to a dispute arising from the implementation of a voluntary exit plan and termination of employment of all the company’s employees.

Ongoing Litigation Support

We represent a leading group of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, clothing and food retail companies in disputes arising in the course of their day to day business.

WIND Telecommunications Administrative Litigation

We represented WIND Telecommunications in administrative litigation arising from disputes with the National Telecommunications and Postal Committee and alleged violation of Greek and EU legislation.

Energy Dispute with Municipality

We are representing a leading energy company in their dispute against the Municipality of Milos.

Non-Performance Damages Claim

We represent a leading international group in a damages claim brought against it by its former distributor and licensee for the alleged non-performance of their agreement and the payment of compensation for various damages, including lost profits.

Recourse Action against €30m Penalty

We advise a leading IT company in its recourse action initiated against the State in respect of a €30m penalty, outstanding payments and supply disputes arising from the execution of a public tender.

Debt Recovery Proceedings

We undertake debt recovery for several clients on an ongoing basis, including the local subsidiaries of a leading pharmaceutical company, an electronics giant and a clothing and accessories manufacturer.

€100m Succession Dispute

We are advising a high net worth individual in a succession dispute arising between heirs to a €100m estate.

Termination of Contracts Risk Management

We advised a leader in the design, manufacture, inspection, service and maintenance of critical safety equipment on the termination of its contractual arrangements in Greece and the prevention and handling of any subsequent litigation.

  • one-off breach of contract disputes
  • disputes arising from the performance and termination of commercial agreements
  • corporate governance disputes
  • corporate transaction disputes
  • corporate crime, fraud, negligence, breach of fiduciary duties
  • anti-bribery and anti-corruption risk management and disputes
  • intellectual property disputes, breach of patents, trademarks and copyright
  • licensing disputes
  • product liability disputes
  • medical liability disputes
  • insurance disputes
  • litigation arising from bankruptcies and restructurings
  • annulment of government and local government acts and decisions
  • litigation resulting from fines and penalties imposed by public authorities
  • succession disputes
  • environmental disputes
  • debt recovery proceedings
  • enforcement proceedings
  • recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments