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Mar 2020

Life Sciences and Healthcare Briefing: Covid-19 Special Edition

Our Life Sciences and Healthcare Briefing provides an overview of changes introduced to life sciences and healthcare law by new legislation arising out of the Covid-19 pandemic, including Prohibition of Profit Margin Increases for Pharmaceuticals and Personal Hygiene Products, Obligation of Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Companies to Declare their Stocks of Surgical Masks, Antiseptic Solutions and Antiseptic Wipes, Special Purpose Leave for Employees in Pharmaceutical and Paramedical Companies, Reduction of VAT Rate Applicable to Personal Hygiene and Protection Products, Maximum Quantities of Personal Protection and Hygiene Products, Donations and Requisition of Medicines and Hospital Medical Equipment, Urgent Invitation for Purchase of Medical Devices by Way of Derogation of Public Procurement Provisions,  Electronic Prescription and Delivery of Medicines Approval of Technical Specifications for Urgent Supplies for Vital Public Health Needs, Prohibition of Exports of Paracetamol and Products Necessary for the Treatment of Covid-19 and  Electronic Submissio n of Requests to the EOF.

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