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Our practice advises some of the largest global and domestic drug, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare, diagnostics and medical technology and devices companies.

We have exceptional experience in advising on licensing, research and development, marketing, advertising and pricing. We take a pro-active approach to managing risk in these highly regulated sectors where compliance failure comes with significant consequences for brand integrity.

Our team is experienced in developing compliance strategies, policies and monitoring programs and, if things do go wrong, crisis management. Product liability advice and representation in defective product disputes and consumer class actions are central components of our practice.

Consumer Products

Our team has extensive experience of advising on compliance with regulations governing the licensing, development, manufacture, packaging, labelling, composition, distribution and advertising in the food, beverages and cosmetic products sector.

Healthcare Services

Our Firm has a long history of advising on a wide range of issues arising in the Healthcare industry, including health and safety, public policy and data privacy. Our Public Procurement and PPP teams have advised on numerous tenders for the supply of public hospitals and public private partnerships for the design, construction, financing and maintenance of healthcare facilities throughout Greece. We also have considerable experience advising on hospital supply, outsourcing, strategic licensing and employment agreements, as well as disputes arising from them.

Medical Devices & Technologies

Market leaders in medical devices, diagnostic equipment and technologies field turn to us to assist them in pivotal business operations, clinical trial procedures, product liability and competition and antitrust issues. We advise on brand protection and the regulatory framework governing emerging technology, advertising and marketing. We have experience of acting in commercial transactions, including licensing and distribution agreements, and in mergers, acquisitions and other corporate transactions in this sector. We have represented clients in investigations and litigation relating to product safety and liability, personal injury and comparative claims and public procurement disputes.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Our client base is made up of local and international pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies which develop, manufacture or distribute medicines, medical supplies, immune oncology, vaccines and allergens. We advise extensively on compliance, competition, licensing, distribution and clinical trial procedures, stock management plans for medicinal products, collaboration and research and development matters. We also advise on corporate and commercial transactions in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Together with our Intellectual Property, Tax, Competition and Dispute Resolution teams, we provide an integrated service offering. We boast significant sector specific experience. The Firm has participated as counsel to the Hellenic Association of Pharmaceutical Industries (SFEE) in working parties of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries’ Associations (EFPIA) on European Union legislation and industrial property issues.

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Restrictions in the Use of Medicinal Products

We advised an international law firm on the conditions that apply to the use of off- label medicinal products in the Greek market.

Patent Infringement Proceedings

We are representing a market leading pharmaceutical company in preliminary proceedings relating to patent infringement of two biosimilar products.

Hellenic Healthcare Regulatory Advice

We advised Hellenic Healthcare Sàrl, a company majority controlled by funds advised by CVC, on operating and medical equipment licenses, compliance with data protection regulations, cooperation and reimbursement agreements and other regulatory issues arising in the context of their entry into a binding agreement to acquire 97% of the share capital in IASO General SA from IASO SA.

Transfer of Undertaking in Pharmaceuticals Sector

We advised a pharmaceuticals company with respect to benefit related questions arising in the context of a transfer of an undertaking and share sale as well as on collective dismissals regulations and terms of employment.

Sale of Pharmaceutical Products

We represented a global biopharmaceutical company in relation to the sale of pharmaceutical products, including the transfer of the market authorization, intellectual property rights, regulatory information and the physical transfer of the respective inventories.

Glaxo Smith Kline Global Joint Venture with Novartis

We represented Glaxo Smith Kline in the implementation of the local part of their global joint venture with Novartis, with a matter value of $16bn for the Oncology business and $7.1bn for the Vaccine business, a transaction which had a significant effect on the entire pharmaceutical market and resulted in a major reorganization and integration of the sector.

Bayer Hellas AG Transfer of Business

We advised Bayer in relation to the corporate and commercial, tax and employment law aspects of the transfer by Bayer Hellas AG of its Bayer Material Science (BMS) business to the BMS Global Agency Hub (GAH), consisting of a carve-out of Bayer AG’s chemical business (Material Science) into a separate group, requiring a reorganisation of its business setup of the latter in a number of countries worldwide.

Ongoing Advice to Biopharmaceutical Company

We are advising a global biopharmaceutical company on a wide range of matters arising in the course of their day to day business on an ongoing basis, including restructuring, termination of employment and related litigation, voluntary exits, litigation, implementation of policies, adoption of employment regulation, teleworking and data protection compliance.

Restructuring and Options Advice

We advised a pharmaceuticals company on the employment aspects of a proposed restructuring and option grants under portfolio share plan rules.

Access to Personal Data

We advised an international pharmaceuticals company on the rights of former employees to access their personal data to support their claims against them.

Claw Back Disputes

We advised a Greek and international pharmaceutical company in their appeals before the Council of State of decisions requiring them to pay claw backs to the Hellenic Organisation for the Provision of Healthcare Services.

Pharmaceuticals Tender

We acted on behalf of Fresenius – Kabi Hellas and Smith & Nephew Hellas in their participation in public supply tenders for pharmaceuticals.

Ongoing Advice in Pharmaceuticals Sector

We are advising the subsidiaries of international pharmaceutical companies on legislation and regulations on an ongoing basis.

Supply of Medical Devices

We advised an international medical technology company on the legislation governing the supply of medical devices.

Non-Interventional Studies in the Pharmaceuticals Sector

We advised a US-based international pharmaceutical company on the regulatory regime applicable to the conduct of non-interventional studies in Greece and the procedures followed by its Greek subsidiary.

BMS Advice

We advise Bristol-Myers Squibb, a global biopharmaceutical company, on competition and antitrust issues as well as on regulatory issues related to pharmaceutical legislation.

Food and Beverages Labelling Advice

We advised the subsidiary of a European-based food producer on the implementation of legislation governing food and beverages labelling.

Update of Marketing Materials on Medical Devices

We advised an international law firm on the update of marketing materials in line with legislation concerning the supply of medical devices in the Greek market.

Advice on Promotion and Advertising of Pharmaceutical Products

We are advising a US pharmaceuticals company on the promotion and advertising of pharmaceutical products and international interactions with health care professionals.

Compliance Advice to Lundbeck Hellas

We are advising Lundbeck Hellas on pharmaceuticals legislation and regulations on an ongoing basis.

Supply of Medical Devices

We are advising an international law firm on the legislation governing the supply of medical devices.

Labelling Advice to Barilla Hellas

We advised Barilla Hellas on the implementation of Greek legislation on the labelling of food and beverages.

Advice to Servier on Parallel Trade, Supply and Competition

We advised Servier on parallel trade issues and on an ad hoc basis on pharmaceutical legislation and regulations.

Healthcare Devices Data Protection Issues

We advised an international manufacturer of healthcare devices on data protection issues.

Medicinal Product Marketing Authorisations

We represented a US pharmaceutical company on the mutual recognition procedures for obtaining a marketing authorisation of a medicinal product procedure before the National Organisation of Pharmaceuticals.

Promotional Materials for Medicinal Products

We advised a Spanish pharmaceutical company on the compliance of promotional material for medicinal products with the regulations in place.

Requirements for Sale of Medical Devices

We advised an international law firm working on a German medical devices provider on the legal requirements for the sale of medical devices from a manufacturer directly to a consumer in Greece.

Comparative Advertising Advice

We advised a manufacturer of medical devices on the legislation governing comparative advertising.

Data Privacy Advice in Health Industry

We are advising a US health society in relation to data protection issues arising in the context of the provision of its certification services and the implementation of its accreditation program in Greece.

Advice on Transfer of Personal Data

We advised an international health information technology provider in relation to issues and solutions arising from the transfer of personal data outside the EEA within the context of public procurement procedures.

Whistleblowing Hotline and Data Privacy

We are advising an international pharmaceuticals company on human resources issues including notification of the operation of a whistleblowing hotline as well as data privacy issues arising in the context of a number of pharmaceutical related projects and programmes.

Internal Investigation for Pharmaceutical Company

We advised an international pharmaceutical company on employee-related privacy issues and the monitoring of e-mails in the context of an internal investigation of its local subsidiary.

Provision of External Online Services

We advised an international pharmaceutical company on data protection issues arising from the provision of external online services.

Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance Notifications

We are advising a global pharmaceutical company on clinical trials and pharmacovigilance notifications, obtaining licences and undertaking in-house data privacy compliance training.

  • defective products, product safety and liability
  • unfair competition and antitrust
  • labelling and packaging
  • brand protection and intellectual property
  • distribution agreements
  • parallel trade of medicinal products
  • medicinal products and medical devices clinical trial procedures


  • national procedures for license applications and product registrations of pharmaceutical and consumer products
  • public procurement
  • market regulation of food and beverages, compliance procedures and compliance with the Food and Beverages legislation
  • administrative and commercial disputes